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There’s never been another Grand Prix or Sportscar manufacturer quite like French mavericks Matra.

Arriving on the scene from a background of aerospace engineering, Matra brought a host of innovative technologies to bear, and an entirely different approach from the largely British-based ‘Garagistes’ then dominating the F1 landscape.

As Matra Racing shows, the French firm even left F1 grandees Ferrari scratching their heads as Matra pioneered the use of Computer Aided Design, true monocoque construction from space-ace materials, and a rigorous design and testing program.

It wasn’t just in Formula One where they met with success; between 1972 and ’74 they ruled the sportscar prototype roads, particularly at Le Mans in the hands of Henri Pescarolo.

This new film profiles meteoric rise, and equally rapid disappearance of the French blue cars in the late 1960s and early 1970s, speaking to many of the key players in the firm as well as the drivers.

It also shows how, under the enterprising hands of Abe Kogan, the Matra-powered Ligiers and sportscars have returned to their winning ways, albeit in historical racing.

See these magnificent machines in winning form at the Silverstone Classic in 2016, and even ride onboard in the heat of battle.

A fascinating film about an undeservedly overlooked manufacturer with an enviable record of success and innovation.

Release Date: 21 November 2016 – 85 minutes.




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