LEGENDS of CanAm DVD – Autographed by Vic Elford – or signed DVD + autographed photo of Vic Elford racing in Can-Am


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Filled with humor, camaraderie, and personal insights, 17 men who were the very heart and soul of the Can-Am era. Share their stories in this documentary. We will never again see such an astonishing combination of technology, skill, and no holds barred competition as the Can-Am. This 110 min. program brilliantly captures the images and stories of the heroes of a time gone by… the never to be missed “Glory Days” of road racing.

Forum participants: (by alphabetic order!)
Pete Biro, Peter Bryant, Dan Davis, George Drolsom, Vic Elford, George Follmer, Jim Hall, Hurley Haywood, Karl Kainhofer, Charlie Kemp, Oscar Koveleski, Pete Lyons, Bob Nagel, Jackie Oliver, Sam Posey, Brian Redman, Bill Warner.

Get your DVD signed by Vic Elford or get the signed DVD + an autographed photo of Vic Elford racing in Can-Am (one of the gallery photos depending of availability).

Region 0 – Worldwide – 120 minutes

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Signed DVD, signed DVD + an autographed photo