HUNT vs. LAUDA – The epic 1976 formula 1 season by Paul Fearnley


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Hunt Vs. Lauda: The Epic 1976 Formula 1 Season Hardcover
by Paul Fearnley

Nearly 40 years later, 1976 is still remembered as one of the most dramatic seasons in the history of Formula One. It pitted the sport’s two greatest teams, Ferrari and McLaren, in a pitched battle waged at race tracks around the world—as well as in newspaper headlines and the courts. At the center of it all were two drivers who couldn’t have been less alike: Ferrari’s calculating champion Niki Lauda, and McLaren’s brash, brilliant newcomer James Hunt. Their strikingly different personalities and intense professional rivalry should have made them bitter enemies, but they were actually good friends who shared similar family backgrounds and faced many of the same struggles in their early racing careers.
Hunt’s intensity on the track and freewheeling lifestyle away from it made him an instant favorite with fans, especially on his home turf in England. In contrast, Lauda’s analytical approach to racecraft and his detached attitude toward the sport itself were an unlikely match for the intensely political Ferrari team and its passionate Italian partisans.

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160 pages – 9″ X 11″ – Hardcover
53 black-and-white and 59 color photographs

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