Le Mans 24 hours 1972 start Matra – Alfa T33/TT – Poster signed by either or Derek Bell +Vic Elford 13×19″ (33×48 cm)


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24 hours of Le Mans 1972
Vic at the wheel of the Alfa Romeo T33/TT/3 

Signed by either Vic Elford or by Derek Bell and Vic Elford

First away the 3 Matra-Simca raced by

# 15: Pescarolo / Hill – # 14: Cevert / Ganley – # 12: Beltoise / Amon

Then the Alfa Romeo T33/TT/3 raced by

Stommelen / Galli and Elford / Marko

This was the year of the first Matra victory!

In the race, when a Ferrari crashed in front of him, Vic Elford stopped in mid-race to extricate the driver from his burning car…T.V. cameras caught the action and Vic was named Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite by French President Georges Pompidou for his act of courage and heroism.

The scene is featured in Michael Keyser great movie “The Speed Merchants” narrated by Vic.

Dimensions: 13 x 19″  (33 x 48 cm)


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Signed by Vic Elford, Signed by Derek Bell + Vic Elford